Thursday, January 27, 2011

The week in review..

Ok, so this weeks dinners were quite successful. I did make a few adaptations to a couple of recipes.

For the Italian Pepper and Egg sandwich I added some 2% Mozzarella cheese which gave it just a little boost. Don't forget to add the points if you do this.

For the soup, I used tomato puree and 1 can of chicken broth instead of the crushed tomatoes. It gave the soup a better consistency.

This sloppy joe recipe is a keeper!! Yummo!

Next up is Chicken Ropa Viejo... this was awesome! For this recipe, I don't drink a lot of white wine so I used what was available: the Carinena wine I talk about below instead of the dry white wine.

I also made the Cuban Style Black Beans. VERY good. The only thing I did different here is used frozen cilantro. I forgot to pick up fresh at the store so I used a product I picked up at Trader Joe's.

I don't recommend it for salsa or things like that but for a soup or this side dish of black beans it was very effective. It comes as frozen cubes. 1 cube equal 1 teaspoon of cilantro. Handy...

Here is our dinner... Delicioso!

Finally, my last exploration for the week. We tried a new wine with our Latin inspired dinner. It's a Spanish wine made by vineyard called Carinena. It is their 2009 Rose Wine. It is very nice. It is a little dry but very smooth and I tasted undertones of raspberry. It was a nice compliment to this meal.

Hope you all enjoy!

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  1. me and mikey are def. trying the sloppy joes those look awesome. im excited about your blog, Im not a fan of testing things out on my own, can you say chaos? instead I prefer learning from the pros ;)