Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nom nom nom

This week has been an excellent week in food. I am going to do a restaurant blurb some time this week of the place Chris and I went for our Valentine's meal. It was delightful. In the meantime, here is the week in review....

Baked Ziti was awesome! I couldn't find Ziti in a Smart Taste or whole grain variety so I used Penne Rigati instead. Here is a pic.

Chris didn't even mind the spinach that much.

The Zucchini Casserole was amazing! The pork chops were really good too. I don't really like pork chops that much, but this recipe is a keeper!

One thing I did learn: While I was grating the zucchini for the casserole, it went everywhere. I even had zucchini in my hair. So I decided when the recipe said grated onion, I needed protective eye-wear.

Here is the finished product. It was delightful even cold the next day as leftovers.

The rest of the week I do not have pictures for but I will say this. The chicken cordon bleu was highly acceptable. I did make one tiny substitution. I don't really like swiss cheese so I used a slice of 2% Pepperjack cheese instead. It was delightful! I also used pepperjack on the Chili Mac for Friday and it gave it a nice kick. Hope you enjoy and try some of these amazing recipes.

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