Thursday, February 17, 2011

Product Spotlight

I have been thinking about my blog and while I think the food is good, I think I need a little something else. I have decided to occasionally do some product spotlights.

My first product spotlight is the Williams-Sonoma Swissmar Peelers

These bad boys are awesome! I received this set for Christmas after using a serrated peeler over the Thanksgiving break and falling in love. The set comes with traditional straight edge peeler, a julienne peeler, and a serrated peeler. Also, not pictured, they come with hand-dandy covers for each one so you don't risk slicing your finger reaching for them in the drawer.

I don't know about any of you, but I hate peeling potatoes with a traditional peeler. I find I am more likely to slice my fingers open than remove skin from the potato. A serrated edge peeler is the answer to this!! It makes quick work of potatoes... even sweet potatoes. I have also used it to peel Butternut squash (if you have ever peeled one of these, one know this is miraculous). I have attached the blurb off the WS website about these peelers and even though my use is not exactly consistent with their description, I think we should think outside of the manufacturers box. I must say, well worth the $15 investment.

"Reduce prep time with the help of our Swiss-made peelers. Their extremely sharp blades zip over all sorts of fresh produce and other foods with ease.
Set of three includes a straight, serrated and julienne peelers.

Straight-edge peeler removes skins from root vegetable and firm fruits.
Serrated peeler is ideal for delicate produce like tomatoes, kiwis and mangoes.
Julienne peeler creates fine strips of anything from carrots to firm cheese.
Peelers have side cutters for removing potato eyes or blemishes.
For right- or left-handed use.
Surgical-grade stainless-steel blades.
Dishwasher safe.
A Williams-Sonoma exclusive."

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